Property Damage

Recovery from negligent acts, nature's wrath and your insurer's bad faith

Property loss comes from two main sources: human error and force of nature. Oklahomans are especially familiar with the costs of storm, fire and flood damage. That's why prudent homeowners and business proprietors purchase insurance that protects their investments. Unfortunately, many of them experience problems with their insurers over bad faith denials of coverage and low valuations of property damage.

At the McGuire Law Firm, we are experienced Oklahoma City injury attorneys with more than 23 years of practice in property damage cases. We know the games insurance companies often play with their policy holders and how difficult it can be to get full compensation for your losses. We have the knowledge and resources to negotiate or compel a fair outcome for your claim.

Damages for bad faith in property insurance denials

Just because the fellow who sold you the policy said you would be covered doesn't mean your insurer will come through with a check. Insurance companies write policies with fine print that protects their bottom line. If they can skew your claim to fit one of their exceptions, they will do so quite readily. The McGuire Law Firm can help you recover the fair amount for your claim, and if your insurer has behaved in bad faith, you may be entitled to additional statutory damages.

Policy reviews to ensure adequate insurance coverage

It's important to have a clear understanding of exactly what your policy covers. Rather than a salesperson on commission, having an objective Oklahoma City property damage attorney explain what's in the document will give you the crucial information you need. You may discover it's necessary to modify your coverage to further secure your home. The McGuire Law Firm provides in-depth policy review services at a reasonable hourly rate.

Contact experienced Oklahoma City property damage attorneys

The McGuire Law Firm never charges an upfront fee for insurance denial cases. If you have questions about how your insurer has responded to your claim for damage to your property, talk to our knowledgeable lawyers. To schedule a time to come in and speak with Attorney McGuire, call us at 800-648-5198, toll free 855-234-4LAW (4529) or contact our Oklahoma City office online.