Fatal Accident; Car wrecked
Fatal Accident; Car wrecked
Oct 7 2018

Chandler, OK – Fatal Commercial Accident on Turner Turnpike

One Injured and Two Dead in Fatal Commercial Accident

Chandler, OK (October 7, 2018) In the early morning of October 7th, a fatal commercial accident took place on the Turner Turnpike at mile marker 167 near Chandler exit. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a crane truck headed eastbound when a car came up behind it and ran underneath the truck due to high speed. The truck driver immediately pulled over and dragged the car with it. Unfortunately, the car then caught on fire. The truck driver and vehicle passerby attempted to pull the drivers and passengers out of the car, but the two passengers were already dead unfortunately. Emergency responders arrived at the scene and transported the driver of the car to a nearby hospital for injuries, and the truck driver did not receive injuries. The police are still investigating the accident to determine the cause and who is liable.

Commercial Accidents in Oklahoma

Fatal Commercial Accident in Chandler

Most of the time, commercial accidents are caused by the driver driving too fast, falling asleep at the wheel, feeling pressure to meet deadlines, jackknifing, distracted driving, and/or driving under the influence. Commercial vehicle drivers are responsible for being alert and aware at all times, especially since they are operating large trucks. There are some cases when the commercial driver is not at fault, which is why it’s important to wait for the investigation to finish before either party admits to fault. It’s very unfortunate that two people died, and one person received injuries in this collision. There could potentially be two personal injury lawsuits and one wrongful death lawsuit being filed with the help of an attorney.

At McGuire Law Firm, we understand how traumatic vehicle accidents can be for our clients. We do everything we can to best assist them during such a sensitive time. We believe our clients should receive compensation for any damages and losses they did not incur. If you, or someone you know, received injuries in a commercial accident, call (405) 513-5658.

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Fatal Accident; Car wrecked