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May 3 2018

Victim’s Family Speaks About DUI Crash

DUI CrashWe previously shared the story of Donna Rush, an Oklahoma woman who died in a suspected DUI crash this week on the Kirkpatrick Turnpike.  Authorities suspect that Arthur Wesley Straehla is responsible for Rush’s death.  Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers noted an odor of alcohol on Straehla shortly after the accident.  Now, her family is speaking out about the accident.

Rush’s daughter, Effie Babcock, says that her mother was driving from her home in El Reno to Tulsa when the accident took place.  Babcock calls the events of the past few days “surreal.”  She says she cannot imagine life without her mother, calling her a “great mom” and a “hard worker” who “worked all the time.”  Further, Babcock expresses shock over the lack of legal action against Straehla thus far.  Troopers say that Straehla exercised his 5th amendment rights, refusing to consent to sobriety tests on scene.  A warrant has been issued for blood analysis with results still pending.

In the meantime, Babcock says the family will move forward with a focus on supporting each other.  Our thoughts continue to be with Effie Babock and loved ones as they cope with this tragedy.

DUI Crash

This is the latest example of the often deadly consequences faced by Oklahomans involved in a DUI crash.  There are countless stories of husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters taken from us too soon due to crashes on Oklahoma streets and highways.  While Donna Rush’s family looks for justice from the court system, the long term effects of these crashes are devastating.  We hope that her family will be able to carry on in remembrance of the life she lived.

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