Oklahoma City Dog Bite Lawyer

When dogs are well cared for, they can be some of the kindest, gentlest creatures in the world.

When they are mistreated, abused, or unsupervised, however, they can become quite aggressive – and may bite or attack an unsuspecting human.

If you have been attacked and injured by a dog, you might be able to recover compensation from the animal’s owner to pay for your medical bills and other associated expenses. An Oklahoma City dog bite lawyer from the McGuire Law Firm can help you through this process.

How A Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help You Fight for Compensation

The attorneys here at the McGuire Law Firm are dedicated to fighting tirelessly on behalf of the people of Oklahoma City. When you ask us to assist you with your dog bite case, we will:

Fully Assess Your Damages

dog bite

When filing a dog bite lawsuit, it is essential that you claim enough compensation from the animal’s owner. Should you fail to do so, you will most likely end up paying for a portion of your healthcare costs and other expenses out of your own pocket.

When you hire an Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer at McGuire Law Firm to help you with your case, one of the first things that we will do is conduct an in-depth assessment of your damages. We will examine receipts, request estimates, and review similar cases that have been adjudicated on in the past to try to make sure that you receive as much money as you deserve.

Walk You Through the Claims Process

When you are attacked by a dog, you may know that you are likely entitled to compensation. However, you may not have a clear understanding of the steps that you will need to take to claim it.

Fortunately, having worked in the legal field for many years, the attorneys here at the McGuire Law Firm have a thorough understanding of the compensation claims process in Oklahoma. When you hire us, we will sit down with you and provide you with a detailed overview of what to expect along the way.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement Deal

Once your lawsuit has been filed, there is a good chance that the dog owner or their insurance company will reach out to offer you a settlement deal. Of course, if you are interested in exploring such an agreement, it is almost always smart to spend some time negotiating terms before making a final decision.

Over the years, our attorneys have negotiated countless settlement agreements on behalf of our clients. When we represent you, we will be more than happy to use all of our knowledge and experience to try to land a favorable deal for you.

Represent You in Court

If the dog owner and their insurance company are unwilling to agree to a reasonable settlement deal, your pursuit of compensation is all but certain to end up in court. There, a judge and jury will review your case and decide how much, if any, financial restitution you should receive.

The McGuire Law Firm has been representing dog bite victims in courts throughout Oklahoma for many years. As such, our attorneys know how to argue a case in a way that is likely to resonate with the judge and jury. When you work with us, you can be confident that you will be well represented at trial.

Are you ready to begin fighting for the compensation you deserve? Then please reach out to the McGuire Law Firm as soon as possible. We are ready, willing, and able to help you file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog that attacked you.

Understanding Oklahoma Dog Bite Law

Many states require individuals who wish to claim compensation after being bitten by a dog to prove that the owner’s negligent behavior caused the attack to occur. In other words, the victim must show that the dog:

  • Was not on a leash
  • Was not in a fenced-in yard
  • Was otherwise out of the owner’s control

Oklahoma law works a little differently, however. In the Sooner State, owners are automatically held liable for the damages sustained by individuals who are bitten by their dog – as long as that person was lawfully present on their property when the attack occurred. 

This practice is known as strict liability and is outlined in section 4-42.1 of the Oklahoma Statutes. This rule states that:

“The owner or owners of any dog shall be liable for damages to the full amount of any damages sustained when his dog, without provocation, bites or injures any person while such person is in or on a place where he has a lawful right to be.”

Under Oklahoma law, a visitor is generally considered to be lawfully present on another person’s property if they are:

  • Invited by the owner
  • Working on the property at the request of the owner
  • Delivering mail
  • Reading meters
  • Repairing a public utility

Our experienced attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of Oklahoma personal injury and dog bite law. If you were recently forced to seek medical treatment as a result of a dog bite, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We might be able to help you recover some much-needed compensation.

Common Injuries Caused By Dog Attacks

An attack by an animal has the potential to cause serious damage to the human body. As such, it is little surprise that individuals who are bitten by dogs often report to the hospital or emergency department with severe, sometimes life-threatening, injuries.

A short sampling of some of the most common injuries sustained by the victims of dog attacks in Oklahoma City would include:

  • Fractured bones
  • Muscle and ligament damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Dismemberment
  • Lacerations
  • Disfigurement

These injuries all require medical treatment. In some instances, this treatment can be as simple as some stitches and a prescription for antibiotics. In others, extensive surgery and years of occupational therapy may be required.

Would you like to have a personal injury lawyer from the McGuire Law Firm help you fight for compensation for your dog bite injuries? If so, please reach out to us as soon as you can. We would love to arrange a free consultation at our Oklahoma City law offices to have an in-depth discussion about your case.

Damages Available in Dog Bite Injury Cases

The amount of compensation received by dog bite injury victims in the state of Oklahoma varies significantly from case to case. The main factor that determines how large an individual’s settlement check is likely to be is the severity of their injury.

People who sustain injuries that can be easily treated by their family physician and that will leave them with no long-term health issues typically receive relatively small payouts. Individuals who suffer life-changing injuries that require extensive surgery or years of physical therapy to treat, on the other hand, usually receive much more sizable compensation checks.

When the McGuire Law Firm represents dog bite victims, we ordinarily pursue compensation for damages such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing care costs
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering

When we file a wrongful death suit on behalf of the family of a person who was killed in a dog attack, we may also fight for compensation burial expenses and loss of consortium.

At the McGuire Law Firm in Oklahoma City, we have years of experience helping dog bite victims pursue financial restitution for their injuries. To have a member of our team review your case and let you know how much compensation you might be eligible to receive, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.

Statute of Limitations for Dog Bite Compensation Claims

The vast majority of individuals who are attacked by dogs in Oklahoma City are required to file suit against the animal’s owner within two years of the date they were injured. This two-year window is the standard statute of limitations for almost all personal injury cases in the Sooner State.

The state makes an exception to this rule for children. Since people who are younger than 18 years of age do not have the ability to file lawsuits in Oklahoma, their two-year statutory window does not begin on the day they are attacked. Instead, it starts on the first day they can legally pursue compensation – their 18th birthday.

Are you ready to file suit against the dog owner that is responsible for your injuries? Then please reach out to our Oklahoma City law firm as soon as possible to begin the legal process.

Your Trusted Dog Bite Lawyer in Oklahoma City

If you have been bitten by a dog and want to hire an experienced attorney to provide you with legal advice and guidance, you need to look no further than the McGuire Law Firm. Our team has been helping the residents of Oklahoma City fight for compensation after animal attacks for years – and we would love to do the same for you. Give us a call today to arrange a free case evaluation and learn more about our services.