Taxi in Oklahoma City

You put your trust in services that are supposed to take you from one destination to another, and that’s why you don’t think twice before you get in an Taxi, Uber or another ridesharing vehicle.

Unfortunately, even though Uber and many other services are relatively new to our roads, we have found out that Taxi accident do happen – everywhere in the world.

Are you one of the people who has been injured in a serious Taxi Accident, Uber accident or other ridesharing accident and you’re unsure of where to turn when it comes to your injuries? Let us help you every step of the way.

After Your Taxi Accident


It all starts with the accident. Every Taxi accident is different, which means that you never know what will happen after you have been injured and how you will react to the situation.

Let us walk you through the steps of what you should do when you are involved in a serious Uber accident and you have sustained injuries. Make sure that you complete the following steps:

  • Call 911 after an accident involving a motor vehicle. You want to ensure that you, the driver, and any other driver involved in the accident receive the medical attention you deserve.
  • Make sure that you attempt to take photographs of the accident scene and damages to the vehicle, as well as your own injuries so that you can properly document them.
  • Obtain the license plate and contact information for any other involved drivers.
  • Collect any useful information from witnesses.
  • Make sure you talk to your own insurance company and call Uber at their emergency hotline number, 800-353-8237. All ridesharing services have numbers that you will be able to reach.
  • Remain calm and never blame the other driver. You don’t want to escalate the situation when you have been injured.
  • Write down all details so that you don’t forget anything later when you are attempting to compensate for your injuries.

Uber’s $1 Million Insurance Plan

Many ridesharing apps have been looking at Uber’s take on an insurance plan and what you should do to protect those who are riding under your services. Because Uber and many other companies know that drivers will likely be injured in accidents that are not their fault, Uber has adopted a large insurance policy to care for those who have been injured.

Uber, like every other ridesharing company, cannot guarantee that you will never be injured in an accident involving one of their drivers. This is due to the fact that you never know what will happen on our roadways, especially due to the negligence of other drivers who share our roads.

One thing that you have to consider when it comes to these accidents is that Uber drivers are not considered to be actual employees. What does this distinction mean to you? When a driver is not an actual employee of a company, it means that you cannot hold the company liable under a doctrine that is known as “vicarious liability.”

In cases where vicarious liability does apply, you will find that you might have a claim not only just against the driver of the company, but also the actual company itself. When a driver is considered to be an independent contractor (like many drivers of ridesharing companies), you might end up with only a claim against the driver himself or herself.

Uber, like other ridesharing companies, has adopted an insurance policy that covers damages for riders who have been injured in an accident involving one of their drivers. Coverage applies depending on the driver’s activity at the time of the accident. However, this Uber policy does not apply if the driver was using their vehicle for personal business and was not accepting rides from customers.

If you were somebody who was not a customer in an accident, your driver’s personal policy will cover you in the event of an accident.

Many people have complaints about the $1 million insurance policy provided by Uber for one simple fact: It may not be enough. This might come as a surprising fact to you, but it is true considering many people will suffer very serious injuries as a result of an accident. So what happens if you are permanently injured or left paralyzed after an Uber accident? Many people who sustain such serious injuries will find that these injuries leave an impact on the rest of their lives.

This means that you might have medical expenses that last a lifetime, rehabilitation costs, therapy costs, and so much more – and the expenses will keep piling up. This means that the insurance policy provided by Uber won’t cover everything, and you will need more in regards to compensation for your lifelong injuries.

The sad fact of the matter is that many ridesharing companies don’t see themselves as driving companies but instead “technology companies,” as a way to shift liability from the company onto the driver in a strict manner. This means that you might end up in a bad position when you have been injured in one of these accidents.

Is it easier to just take your own vehicle or rely on many other means of transportation when you weigh the risks, or do you believe that you will be covered in the event of an accident?

An Attorney for the Complicated Process

We understand that it might be a complicated process when you are working on the details of your claim and figuring out which individual or company is responsible for your claim and the damages that have resulted.

Uber and other ridesharing claims are unlike any other injury claims that you will make, which is why you should have an experienced attorney on your side to help you prepare for your case.

We can help you every step of the way at the McGuire Law Firm, where your case and recovery means everything to us. Call us today for more information at 888-352-0624.