Man in the hospital
Man in the hospital
Oct 20 2018

Verden, OK – Fatal Injury Wreck on U.S. 62

Two Dead in Fatal Injury Wreck

Verden, OK (October 20, 2018) On the evening of October 19th, a fatal injury wreck occurred along U.S. 62. Officials reported that a 51-year-old man driving a pickup truck collided with a 65-year-old man named Harold Millsap driving a sport utility vehicle. When emergency responders arrived at the scene to help, they found that both drivers and a passenger were injured. They transported all three injured victims to OU Medical Center. Unfortunately, medical professionals revealed that Millsap and his passenger suffered fatal injuries. <removed> remains in fair condition. The police are currently investigating what led up to the accident.

Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma

Fatal Injury Wreck in Verden

It’s not uncommon for drivers and passengers to obtain some type of injuries in vehicle accidents, but it’s always unfortunate whenever fatal injuries occur. The most common reasons for vehicle accidents are distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, reckless driving, and improper turns. Many accidents could be preventable if drivers would drive responsibly and stay aware of their surroundings. It’s unclear what caused this accident, but once the police uncover what led up to the collision, some wrongful death lawsuits and personal injury lawsuits could be filed. It’s so unfortunate that two lives were lost and that someone is currently suffering injuries. Although compensation for funeral and medical expenses won’t supplement for the lives lost, it will help alleviate any unnecessary stress regarding finances.

At McGuire Law Firm, we care about our clients and their cases because we understand that vehicle accidents can be traumatic experiences for everyone involved. It’s not easy losing a loved one in a vehicle accident, which is why we do everything within our ability to best assist our clients during the legal process. If you lost someone you love in a vehicle accident, call (405) 513-5658.

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Man in the hospital