Car accidents happen. Sometimes they are genuine accidents that no one could have prevented. However, most car accidents result from reckless driving and other negligent conduct.

All drivers owe a duty of care to others on the road to follow traffic laws and take reasonable steps to avoid motor vehicle crashes. Avoiding risky driving behaviors is one example of taking reasonable steps to avoid car crashes.

When drivers or other parties are negligent, they can be held liable for the damages they cause because of a car accident. You must prove causation and fault in Oklahoma to establish liability for car accident injuries and damages. 

While we do not hear about the thousands of car accidents in Oklahoma City each year, we do hear about celebrity car crashes. Below are 10 of the worst celebrity car crashes in the United States.

1.  Anne Heche

One of the most horrific celebrity car crashes happened relatively recently. Anne Heche crashed her Mini Cooper into a house in a California neighborhood on August 5, 2002. 

According to records, she was trapped in the car for 45 minutes after the crash. She died from thermal injuries and smoke inhalation a week later.

2.  Princess Grace Kelly

The Princess of Monaco died in 1982 at the age of 52. The cause of the car crash is unknown. The vehicle when through a retaining wall in a sharp turn before plunging 120 feet down a slope.

3.  Princess Diana 

The death of Princess Diana also shocked the world. She died on August 31, 1997, in a car accident in Paris. The crash also killed Dodi Fayed and the driver.

It was reported that the vehicle was traveling at an excessive speed, and the driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash. The theory is that the driver was speeding to get away from the paparazzi.

4.  Gloria Estefan

In 1990, a semi-truck struck Gloria Estefan’s tour bus. The accident broke her back, requiring surgery to insert titanium rods into the area. After that, she was able to walk again, but it took months of extensive physical therapy and recovery. 

5.  James Dean

James Dean crashed his Porsche 550 Spyder while driving to Salinas, CA, on September 30, 1995. He never regained consciousness after the intersection accident and died from injuries sustained in the crash.

A police officer issued him a speeding ticket earlier in the day. Some reports claim he was traveling as fast as 85 mph when he crashed with a Ford Tudor Sedan at an intersection. 

6.  Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is a celebrity because of his talent on a golf course. However, he is also famous for wrecking his car in Los Angeles on February 23, 2021. 

Reports state that the single-vehicle accident occurred a little after seven o’clock in the morning. Woods was driving through Rolling Hills Estates near Los Angeles. He crossed into the other lane, went off the road, and struck a tree.

It is believed that he was speeding at the time of the crash. The car wreck injured his leg, resulting in surgery and extensive therapy.

7.  Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan is famous for his time on Saturday Night Live. It was unknown whether he would be able to return to his career after a commercial truck accident in 2014. A Walmart semi-truck hit the limo Morgan was in when the truck driver fell asleep on the New Jersey Turnpike. 

The comedian/actor sustained a traumatic brain injury, among other injuries. His injuries required a lengthy recovery. Morgan’s friend died in the accident.

8.  Paul Walker

Paul Walker died as a passenger in a car accident in 2014. The single-vehicle accident happened when Walker’s friend, Roger Rodas, lost control of the vehicle and crashed. 

It is believed the car was traveling at about 90 mph when it collided with a tree and two utility poles. The vehicle caught fire after the collision. Walker died from traumatic injuries and thermal burns. 

9.  Vince Neil 

Rock legend Vince Neil of Motley Crue was injured in a car accident on December 8, 1984, with Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle. Unfortunately, Razzle (Nicholas Dingley) died from his injuries at the age of 24.

The pair were at a party and had been drinking when they decided to go to the liquor store. The drunk driving accident happened when Neil crashed into another vehicle after losing control of the vehicle he was driving.

10.  Niki Taylor

Supermodel Niki Taylor was injured in a distracted driving accident in Georgia on April 28, 2001. The driver tried to answer his cell phone but lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a utility pole.

Taylor sustained severe injuries in the crash and nearly died. She was in a coma for over a month. The recovery process was long and involved several surgeries. 

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