Edmond Rideshare Accident Attorney

Rideshare accidents in Edmond put everyone at risk. Other motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, passengers, and even the rideshare drivers themselves all may suffer serious injuries after a Lyft or Uber vehicle crashes. If you have been injured in one of the accidents, you might be wondering about your options for compensation. You should know that a rideshare accident attorney in Edmond can guide you toward justice. If you have been searching for the help of legal professionals, look no further than the McGuire Law Firm. 

How Can a Rideshare Accident Attorney in Edmond Help Me?

Edmond has had an important transportation industry since its founding in 1887. In fact, the city developed around a railroad station called Edmond station, first established in 1887. There is still a railroad running through the city even to this day, but modern residents have access to a wide range of other transportation options. One of the newest transportation options offered to residents is ridesharing. Apps such as Uber and Lyft have become very popular within just a few short years. This form of transport helps reduce drunk driving and provides more options for budget-conscious individuals searching for taxi alternatives. 

Unfortunately, ridesharing can be very dangerous for a number of reasons. If you have been injured in a rideshare crash, a rideshare attorney in Edmond can help you pursue compensation in a number of important ways:

  • Meeting during an initial consultation to discuss your legal options
  • Providing legal advice and guidance based on years of personal injury experience
  • Helping you gather important documents and evidence that may be useful
  • Negotiating on your behalf with insurers and defendants for fair settlements
  • Filing documentation with the courts
  • Representing you during a personal injury trial if necessary

Remember, injury lawyers in Oklahoma are paid contingency fees. This means that you do not have to pay them until you win your case. If you do not win your case, you do not have to pay. After you get your settlement or your award, your rideshare accident lawyers in Edmond will take an agreed-upon percentage as payment. This ensures that even those with serious financial limitations still have the ability to sue and hold negligent parties accountable. 

Common Causes for Rideshare Accidents in Edmond

Rideshare accidents in Edmond may be caused by all kinds of negligence. It makes sense to determine exactly what caused your accident, especially when you consider Oklahoma’s modified comparative negligence system. Under this system, your compensation may be reduced according to your role in the accident. In other words, you may lose money if you partially caused the crash. If you were more than 49% responsible for causing the crash, you will lose the ability to pursue any compensation whatsoever. 

One of the most common causes of rideshare accidents is driver negligence. This may come in many forms:

  • Distraction
    • Texting
    • Using Uber or Lyft apps while driving
    • Conversations with passengers
    • Eating
    • Drinking
    • Watching videos
    • Playing video games
  • Intoxication
    • Alcohol
    • Prescription drugs
    • Stimulants
    • Illicit drugs
  • Fatigue
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding 
  • Improper maintenance of the vehicle

Many of these forms of negligence are common across all car accidents, not just rideshare collisions. But a few are unique to ridesharing, including distractions caused by Uber or Lyft apps. Many critics of these companies state that drivers are constantly having to reply to these apps while on the road, despite the risk this causes to other people. 

When Can I Sue Ridesharing Companies?

Determining who you can sue is an important step as you approach a rideshare accident claim in Edmond. In some cases, the rideshare company will be liable for any damages you sustain. Suing the company directly is often ideal because these tech giants can easily pay out settlements. They also have extensive insurance coverage for these kinds of accidents. 

However, rideshare companies often try to dodge liability by shifting the blame solely onto their drivers instead. They may argue that their drivers were not “on the clock” at the time of the accident. For example, they might claim that the driver was moving through a drive-thru and that this meal break does not constitute a normal work-related duty. They may also push back if drivers were not actively carrying passengers or driving to pick-up locations at the time of the crash. 

With all that said, suing rideshare drivers directly may still provide positive results. The issue is that many rideshare drivers fail to obtain the proper insurance coverage. Some are completely unaware that their personal auto insurance will not provide any coverage for commercial activities. Since rideshare drivers qualify as commercial drivers, they must obtain commercial auto insurance. The lack of insurance can cause issues for injured parties seeking compensation. 

Common Reasons for Rideshare in Lawsuits

Rideshare lawsuits may stem from a wide range of incidents. Perhaps the most obvious incident is a collision. This may occur under various circumstances, including:

Crashes are not the only situations that can lead to rideshare lawsuits. Many have sued rideshare drivers for assaults and other violent crimes. In some cases, passengers have been unceremoniously dumped from vehicles on the side of busy roads or highways. These passengers then face the risk of being struck by fast-moving vehicles with no access to a crosswalk. These incidents and many others like it can also lead to lawsuits. 

What Damages Can I Claim in a Rideshare Accident?

To gain a more accurate understanding of the damages that you may claim after a rideshare accident, be sure to get in touch with a rideshare accident attorney in Edmond. These legal professionals can assess your unique situation and determine which damages you can pursue. Each rideshare accident is slightly different, and your damages depend on your circumstances. That said, damages in rideshare accidents are divided into two main categories:

  • Economic damages
  • Non-economic damages

Economic damages include financial losses like medical expenses and missed wages, while non-economic damages include psychological issues such as PTSD, disfigurement, depression, and emotional distress. 

Where Can I Find a Rideshare Accident Attorney in Edmond?

McGuire Law Firm is ready to assist you as you pursue compensation for your rideshare accident in Edmond. We are committed to victims’ rights, and we have guided numerous rideshare victims to compensation and justice in the past. Remember, the statute of limitations may prevent you from pursuing compensation if you wait too long, so it is best to book your consultation as soon as possible. During your consultation, we can discuss your unique needs and determine the best route forward. 

Frequently Asked Questions for an Edmond Rideshare Accident Lawyer:

What information will an attorney need from me at the initial consultation?

Anything you have that pertains to your accident and your injuries is something you should bring with you to the initial consultation. If you have photos of the accident, any contact information, police reports, and medical records. You should also have a document that has everything you remember from the accident as well as questions you have for the attorney.

Do I need to call the police after a rideshare accident?

Yes, you are required to call the police if there was an accident. You will want to do this not only for legal reasons but to also have the written police report detailing your accident. This will be valuable in your case.

Is there a minimum amount of insurance a rideshare driver must have?

The rideshare driver themselves will need to have the same required car insurance as a regular driver in Edmond. The difference is the rideshare company is required to have $1 million in liability coverage while the driver in engaged in a ride.

Should I contact the rideshare company after the accident?

If you are going to make a claim you will need to reach out to the rideshare company that you used. Your Edmond rideshare accident lawyer can also reach out on your behalf.

Can I post about the accident on my social media?

No, anything you post online to social media becomes public information. Anything that is public information can be used against you in your case. It is also a good idea to hold off on posting anything on social media until the case is over to ensure no one tries to twist what you are posting to say that you are not injured.

Should I talk to the other parties involved in the rideshare accident?

You should make sure that everyone involved in the accident is okay and doesn’t need an ambulance called. You should also exchange insurance and contact information with them. You do not want to say more than you have to and you should not say you are sorry or admit any fault or guilt.

The at fault party’s insurance company keeps calling me, should I pick up?

Once you hire an Edmond rideshare accident lawyer you should not speak to any insurance company. You should direct all communication and calls with them to your lawyer.

Does a rideshare accident driver need to have any special license to allow them to be a rideshare driver?

No, unlike other types of services such as limo drivers, taxi drivers, and bus drivers who need to have a commercial driver’s license, all a rideshare driver needs is a valid driver’s license.