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Imagine having diligently paid your premiums and placed your trust in the hands of your insurer, but when the storm of adversity hits, they respond with nothing but turbulence. It is a scenario that leaves you feeling adrift, questioning the very essence of the insurance contract you thought was your safety net. At McGuire Law Firm, we do not just see cases; we see individuals who have been let down by a system meant to protect them. We are not your typical suits-and-ties law firm. We are the compass that helps you navigate the stormy seas of bad-faith insurance claims, and we do it with a touch of wit and a whole lot of passion. Bad Faith Insurance

What is Bad Faith Insurance?

Bad faith insurance refers to a legal concept where an insurance company fails to fulfill its contractual obligations to a policyholder in an unfair or dishonest manner. When individuals or businesses purchase insurance policies, they enter into a contract with the insurance company, which entails that the insurer will act in good faith and deal fairly with any claims made under the policy. This means the insurer should promptly and honestly handle claims, investigate them thoroughly, and provide appropriate compensation when the policy's terms are met. However, instances arise when insurance companies act in bad faith, which can take various forms, including:
  • Unjustified delay of claims: When an insurance company unreasonably drags out the claims process, it can cause significant distress to policyholders relying on the benefits of their policy to recover from a loss. Delays can range from processing claims to releasing funds, all of which can leave policyholders in dire straits, struggling to cover expenses during a time of need.
  • Lowly valued claims: Insurance companies might offer settlements that are far below the actual value of a claim. This tactic often leaves policyholders with insufficient compensation to fully recover from their losses. Insurers may attempt to exploit policyholders' lack of knowledge about the actual worth of their claims, taking advantage of their vulnerability.
  • Inadequate investigation: A fundamental aspect of the insurance process is conducting thorough investigations to determine the validity of claims. In cases of insurers acting in bad faith, they might circumvent this vital phase or deliberately carry out a cursory examination, resulting in unjustified claim rejections.
  • Wrongful rejection: Declining a legitimate claim without valid grounds unequivocally breaches the insurer's responsibility to act in a fair and honest manner. Policyholders pay premiums with the expectation that legitimate claims will be honored, making unjustified denials a breach of trust and a legal offense.
  • Unfair settlement offers: Instead of saying no to claims outright, some insurers suggest payouts that are much less than what policyholders should get. This strategy tries to push policyholders into agreeing to less money, often exploiting their financial difficulties and the need to settle quickly.
When an insurance company engages in any of these practices, it may be acting in bad faith. Policyholders who believe they are victims of bad-faith insurance practices have legal recourse to pursue compensation beyond the policy limits. Our experienced attorneys are committed to ensuring that insurance companies uphold their obligations, providing our clients with the fair treatment and compensation they deserve.

The Need for a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney in Lawton

Dealing with an insurance company that acts in bad faith can be a daunting and frustrating experience. As a policyholder, you expect that when the unexpected happens, your insurance company will be there to provide the support and coverage you have faithfully paid for. The need for a bad-faith insurance attorney is all too real. When you face challenges with your insurance company, it is crucial to have a dedicated advocate on your side. Our help is vital in such circumstances;
  • Expertise in Oklahoma insurance laws: Navigating the challenging landscape of insurance laws in Oklahoma requires a deep understanding of the state's regulations. Our team of experienced bad-faith insurance attorneys possesses this knowledge and expertise, ensuring that your rights as an insurance policyholder are protected under Oklahoma law.
  • Leveling the playing field: Insurance companies have vast resources, legal teams, and adjusters working on their side. Trying to negotiate with them on your own can be an uphill battle. Having a bad-faith insurance attorney in Lawton levels the playing field. We know the tactics insurers use and how to counter them. This ensures you have a fair shot at the compensation you deserve.
  • Maximizing your compensation: Insurance companies often offer settlements far below what is just and reasonable. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who are committed to maximizing your compensation, whether it is for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, or emotional distress resulting from bad-faith insurance practices.
  • Holding insurers accountable: When insurance companies act in bad faith, they not only harm policyholders but also violate the trust placed in them. Our attorneys are dedicated to holding insurers accountable for their actions and setting precedents that discourage such practices in the future.
  • Understanding policy language: Insurance policies are laden with legal jargon that can be confusing for the average policyholder. A lawyer who specializes in insurance law can explain the legal terms and help you grasp your rights and what you deserve. We are committed to enlightening you on every important detail of the case.
  • Peace of mind: Facing insurance disputes can be incredibly stressful. Having a bad faith insurance attorney by your side provides peace of mind. You can concentrate on getting better and taking care of yourself while we deal with the legal matters for you.
If you are a Lawton resident who has been mistreated by your insurance company, do not suffer in silence. Reach out to McGuire Law Firm today for a consultation. We are here to fight for your rights, seek justice, and ensure that bad-faith insurance practices do not go unchallenged in our community.

Statute of Limitations for Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Oklahoma 

In Oklahoma, the time limit for filing bad faith insurance claims can differ depending on your case's specific details and the type of insurance policy involved. Generally, the time frame to initiate legal action begins to run from the date you first became aware, or should have reasonably become aware, of the insurer's bad faith conduct. Typically, this could be the date when your claim was denied or another action that clearly shows the insurer's refusal to meet their responsibilities. It is important to note that the statute of limitations not only serves as a timeline for filing a lawsuit but also factors into the overall strategy of your case. Initiating legal action promptly allows your attorney to gather evidence, build a compelling case, and negotiate with insurers more effectively.

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