Oklahoma City Apartment Fire Lawyer

Oklahoma City Apartment Fire Lawyer

An apartment fire can cause catastrophic property damage and personal losses. It can also cause devastating and life-changing injuries. In the worst cases, an apartment fire causes wrongful deaths.

The Oklahoma City apartment fire lawyers of McGuire Law Firm work with victims and families to get them compensation for damages after devastating fires in their homes. With over 60 years of legal experience, our attorneys are talented negotiators and highly effective trial lawyers.

If you or your family members were involved in an apartment fire, contact our Oklahoma City, OK law office at (405) 513-5658 for a free consultation. Our law firm offers legal advice without any obligation to hire our attorneys. 

How Our Oklahoma City Premises Liability Lawyers Help You File an Injury Claim After an Apartment Fire

How Our Oklahoma City Premises Liability Lawyers Help You File an Injury Claim After an Apartment Fire

Landlords, building owners, and insurance companies have significant resources that they could use to help victims of a fire. Unfortunately, they often use these resources to fight personal injury cases. Victims who suffer injuries in Oklahoma City fires deserve to receive compensation for their damages. 

At the McGuire Law Firm, our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers stand with you as you seek justice for what happened to you and your family. We aggressively pursue claims against all liable parties and fight to recover maximum compensation.

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Monitor the investigation by the Oklahoma City Fire Department and other agencies
  • Retain experts to assist in our investigation into the source and cause of the apartment fire
  • Identify all parties who could be liable for your damages
  • File claims with the insurance company and handle all matters related to a settlement from the insurance provider
  • Document your damages and calculate the value of your injury claim
  • Take the matter to court if the parties refuse to take responsibility for their negligence by paying a fair amount of money to settle your claim 

After an apartment fire, you need experienced legal representation to protect your best interests and legal rights. Contact our law office online or by telephone to discuss our legal services with a member of our team.

Your initial appointment with an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma apartment fire attorney is free. We want to ensure that you receive the advice and guidance you need as you decide how to proceed with your case. 

Common Causes of Apartment Fires in Oklahoma City 

Many apartment fires are caused by negligence and carelessness. However, a person may set some fires on purpose. The fire department and other agencies investigate apartment fires to determine if they were caused by arson or negligence. 

Common causes of building and household fires include:

  • Cooking 
  • Heating sources
  • Electrical malfunction
  • Open flames, including unattended candles
  • Smoking
  • Electric and gas appliances
  • Faulting wiring
  • Violations of state, local, and federal safety codes and building codes
  • Defective or unsafe products

Injuries and deaths are often caused by the failure to install and maintain fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinklers. In addition, failing to ensure that individuals have an unobstructed escape route from all units and failure to install or maintain emergency lighting can also contribute to apartment fire injuries and deaths.

Common Injuries Caused by Oklahoma City Apartment Fires

Many people caught in a burning building die because of smoke inhalation. An apartment fire can cause catastrophic injuries and life-threatening conditions.

Common injuries caused by apartment fires include:

Apartment fire victims also experience extreme emotional distress, including PTSD, debilitating anxiety, and chronic depression. In addition to the personal injuries, victims of apartment fires often lose most or all of their personal belongings, which makes recovering from this tragedy even more difficult.

Who is Responsible for Damages Caused by an Apartment Fire?

Premises liability laws, strict liability, and other personal injury laws may apply in an apartment fire case. The building owner, landlords, maintenance companies, equipment manufacturers, and other parties can be held liable for intentional wrongdoing and negligence. 

If a party breaches its duty of care or intentionally causes harm, it can be liable for damages such as:

  • The cost to receive medical care
  • Loss of personal property 
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Loss of income and benefits
  • Reduction in quality of life
  • Reduced future earning capacity 
  • Emotional, physical, and mental pain and suffering
  • Permanent impairments and disabilities

Our legal team at McGuire Law Firm diligently searches for each party who contributed to the cause of the apartment fire. Then, we use our considerable resources to hold those parties financially responsible for the pain, suffering, and economic damages they caused. 

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After receiving the medical care you need for your injuries, contact us to discuss a personal injury claim. We understand that you have been through a traumatic event. The last thing you need is an insurance adjuster pressuring you to settle your case prematurely.

Our legal team protects you from aggressive and unfair insurance tactics. Let us handle the legal battle while you focus on getting your life back together after an apartment fire.

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