Were you hurt in a bad accident in Lawton or elsewhere in Comanche County? You have the right to seek compensation for your injuries from the at-fault party. As the personal injury claims process is complex, it is crucial that you have an experienced attorney on your side. This raises an important question: Is it ever too soon to contact a Lawton personal injury lawyer? The short answer is “no”—after an accident happens, it is best to speak to an attorney right away. In this article, you will find an overview of why it is so important to consult with a Lawton personal injury attorney right away after a bad accident. 

It is Not Possible to Call a Lawton Personal Injury Lawyer Too Soon After an Accident

Hurt in an accident in Lawton? Was another party at fault? Do you need financial compensation to pay your bills and support your family? It is time to contact an attorney. It is never too early to contact a Lawton, OK, personal injury lawyer after an accident. Corporations and insurance companies waste no time working with their legal counsel to build a defense. Prompt consultation with an attorney ensures that you understand your legal rights and options from the start. 

Four Reasons Why You Need an Attorney as Soon as Possible After a Lawton, OK, Accident

Why is it so important to consult with an attorney right away after an accident in Lawton? Your lawyer will ensure that your legal rights and financial interests are protected through each and every step of Oklahoma’s notoriously complex personal injury claims process. Here are four key reasons why you should call an attorney in Lawton as soon as possible after an accident: 

  • Investigate Your Accident: A proactive investigation is essential. Your Lawton, OK, personal injury attorney can promptly investigate the scene of the accident—gathering and preserving all evidence that can be used to support your claim. It could be anything from video surveillance footage to physical remnants that might otherwise be lost or destroyed to witness statements while their memory is still fresh. 
  • Protect You From Insurance Companies: The big insurance companies that defend most personal injury cases in Oklahoma are not on your side. A Lawton personal injury attorney can shield you from these tactics by handling all communications with insurers—making sure that you do not inadvertently say something that could undermine your claim. 
  • Document Your Damages: A lawyer will carefully document all damages—including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering—in order to ensure that no compensable losses are overlooked. You will be in the best possible position to secure the absolute maximum financial compensation for your injuries. 
  • Handle Settlements Negotiations: Most personal injury cases are resolved through settlement. With that being said, getting a full and fair settlement offer from the insurance company can be difficult. A Lawton, OK personal injury lawyer can handle settlement negotiations, putting together a strong case to hold the defense/insurer accountable. 

Know the Deadline: Two-Year Personal Injury Statute of Limitations in Oklahoma

You must take legal action before the relevant deadline expires. Under Oklahoma law (Oklahoma Statutes § 12-95), there is a two-year statute of limitations for most types of personal injury cases. If your lawsuit is not filed within two years of the date of an accident, you may be denied the right to recover compensation through the legal process. Do not fall behind: Speak to a Lawton personal injury lawyer right away after an accident. 

Your Initial Consultation is Free, Fully Confidential, and Carries No Obligations

You do not have to worry about the cost of making that first call to our top-rated Lawton personal injury attorney. Your initial consultation with our personal injury lawyer in Lawton, OK, is completely free. During this consultation, everything you discuss is held in strict confidence, ensuring your privacy and the integrity of your potential case. There are no obligations. 

Contact Our Lawton Personal Injury Attorney Today

At McGuire Law Firm, our Lawton personal injury lawyers have the professional expertise that victims can trust. We take a proactive approach to every case. If you were hurt in an accident and need professional legal representation, we are here to help. Call us now or contact us online to arrange your no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation. From our Lawton office, we fight for the rights of injured victims in Comanche County and throughout Southwest Oklahoma.

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