When you think of a car accident lawsuit, the first things that might come to mind are serious injuries, expensive medical bills, and even loss of life. While those are common reasons for suing after a car crash, they’re not the only reasons to take the other driver to court.

If you were involved in an Oklahoma City car accident that left you uninjured, there are a few different legal options open to you.

What Are My Claim Options?

There are four primary claims you can make after a crash in which no one was injured:

Car Troubles

The most common reason for suing after a car accident that did not result in injuries is to recoup vehicle damages that weren’t covered by insurance. 

There are various reasons why a vehicle wouldn’t be adequately covered by car insurance. Perhaps a technicality with the policy left you without coverage. Maybe you were only partially covered and were left without enough compensation to cover the damages. 

If your vehicle has been damaged or destroyed and was not covered by insurance, a lawsuit against the other driver may be the only way to receive compensation. This can help you to cover the cost of repairing your vehicle or buying a new one.

Property Damage

Property damage refers to items that are separate and apart from your vehicle. Maybe you had your laptop in your car, or a driver plowed into your yard and destroyed a fence. 

Ideally, your car insurance would cover both your vehicle and its contents. If your personal property was not fully covered by insurance, you might have grounds for a claim.

The court will consider whether you have any other forms of insurance that could be used to cover the damage. If a lawsuit against the driver is your only option for compensation, you’ll have a higher likelihood of winning your case.  

Emotional Distress 

After your car accident, your body might have been fine, but you could have experienced other lasting health issues. Emotional distress, mental trauma, and PTSD are all serious consequences of car accidents, and they can each have a negative impact on your quality of life. 

The effects of these conditions after a car crash can vary widely by individual but often include the following:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Altered personality
  • Nightmares
  • Intrusive memories
  • Fear of driving

Suing for emotional distress after a car accident requires documenting the ongoing trauma you’ve suffered related to the accident. You may be able to receive compensation for the costs of therapy and prescription medications. 


If the other driver was distracted, drowsy, reckless, or otherwise guilty of negligence while driving, you could try to build a case for damages.

Negligence can be difficult to prove because it typically requires evidence of some form of significant damage or impact to others, like damages from emotional distress. The risk of causing harm is not enough.

Don’t Delay Seeking Assistance

Any type of lawsuit has a higher chance of success when you partner with an experienced attorney. 

Legal counsel will not only give you a better chance of winning but will also help you to maximize your compensation.

Oklahoma has a two-year statute of limitations on lawsuits related to car accidents. It’s best to reach out to a legal professional right away after an accident, as it can take time to build a case. 

Knowing what evidence to present and how to present it are deciding factors in having a winning day in court. Don’t hesitate to take the first step by seeking a consultation with a skilled attorney. 

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