Accidents happen. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that 40 million people seek emergency room support for injuries each year. If you were hurt in an accident caused by the negligence of any other party, you have the right to bring a personal injury claim to seek financial compensation for your damages. 

Unfortunately, getting a claim paid can be challenging. For this reason, it is imperative that you consult with a top-tier attorney as soon as possible after a serious accident. At McGuire Law Firm we understand that sometimes it seems as though hiring a lawyer would be too much of a hassle, when in reality it can help save your case. Your lawyer can help you get justice and the maximum financial compensation. Within this article, our Edmond personal injury attorney explains why it is better to hire a lawyer than handle a claim on your own. 

Five Reasons Why You Should Retain an Edmond, OK Personal Injury Attorney

Your Edmond Personal Injury Lawyer Review Your Case and Answer Your Questions

The immediate aftermath of a serious accident is chaotic, stressful, and often confusing. With the right guidance in the early stages of the legal claims process, you will be in the best possible position to get justice and full and fair financial compensation for your injuries. Hiring an Edmond, OK, personal injury lawyer means having an expert who carefully looks at every detail of your case. Along with other things, your lawyer will understand the law, know how it applies to your situation, answer your question, and explain the next steps in simple terms that you understand. 

Your Edmond Personal Injury Attorney Will Investigate Your Accident

Fault matters. Under Oklahoma law (Okla. Stat. Ann. Tit. 23 § 13), personal injury claims are generally subject to a modified comparative fault standard of liability. You need evidence to prove that another party—whether a motorist, a trucking company, a business, or a property owner—is legally responsible for your accident. This is another aspect of the claims process where a lawyer can make the difference. Your Edmond, OK, personal injury attorney can proactively investigate the matter—gathering and organizing all of the evidence you need to show fault. You cannot rely on a defendant or an insurance company for a fair, impartial investigation of your accident. 

Your Edmond Personal Injury Lawyer Can Determine the Value of Your Case

One of the biggest questions in any personal injury case is: How much is my claim actually worth? There are no easy or one-size-fits-all answers to this question. Indeed, the value of a personal injury claim always depends on a wide range of case-specific factors—from your ability to prove fault to the extent of your damages. Your Edmond, OK, personal injury attorney can conduct a comprehensive review of your case and determine the true value of your losses. Only when you know the value of your case will you be in a position to get full and fair compensation.

Your Edmond Personal Injury Attorney Will Handle Settlement Negotiations with Insurers

For the most part, personal injury claims are defended by insurance companies. It could be a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle crash, slip and fall, or product liability claim—regardless, you are likely to go up against an insurance company. Insurance adjusters are not on your side. It is their job to protect the bottom line of their employer. In practice, that means trying to resolve your case for as little as possible. Your Edmond, OK, personal injury attorney can handle all of the negotiations with the insurance company. You deserve financial compensation for your property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Your Edmond Personal Injury Lawyer Can Take Your Case to Trial

Most personal injury claims in Oklahoma are resolved through a settlement—meaning they do not end up in litigation. That being said, a trial is a possibility that you need to be prepared to take on. If this is an issue in your case, having a trial-tested Edmond, OK, personal injury attorney on your side can make the difference. Your attorney can work proactively to ensure that your rights are protected throughout each and every step of the personal injury claims process. 

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