Five Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Insurance companies in Oklahoma have a basic responsibility to use good faith settlement practices. Unfortunately, bad faith is a serious problem. As simply explained by Investopedia, bad faith insurance refers broadly to the improper tactics that insurers use to “avoid their contractual obligations.” Insurers who act in bad faith are trying to pay out less—possibly… read more

What Evidence Do You Need to Prove a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

What Evidence Do You Need to Prove a Bad Faith Insurance Claim? Dealing with an insurance company can be stressful, frustrating, and even overwhelming. Oklahoma law requires insurers to use good faith settlement practice when dealing with policyholders and other claimants. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. An insurance company can be held liable for… read more

How Do I Know if I Need a Bad Faith Insurance Claim Lawyer?

In the aftermath of an injury accident or property damage, the typical course of action is to file a compensation claim with your insurance or the responsible party’s insurer. These entities are obligated to thoroughly investigate claims prior to settlement decisions. However, when the demands for documentation become overly burdensome and lead to unwarranted delays,… read more

How To Sue an Insurance Company for Bad Faith in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

You paid your insurance premiums on time and in full. Now you need your insurance company to do their part and pay your insurance claim. However, the company refuses to acknowledge your claim or negotiate a fair insurance settlement. Many people give up and take the amount the insurance company offers to settle the claim…. read more

5 Ways Insurers Act in Bad Faith

The harsh truth of insurance coverage is that insurance companies are in business to make a profit. It doesn’t matter whether your claim involves a car accident or a dog bite. Insurance companies don’t make money by paying claims.  Of course, you can expect insurers to offer some resistance to paying almost any claim. Beyond… read more

An Overview of Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Oklahoma City

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. Even though they claim to be there for their customers, they aim to make money. Paying insurance claims cuts into the company’s profit margin. An insurance adjuster works to limit the company’s liability for the claim. They may use various tactics to deny or undervalue claims. However, there is a… read more

When Does Delaying Your Insurance Claim Become Bad Faith In Oklahoma? 

When you are injured in an accident in Oklahoma, you might rely on your insurance company to help you get everything back to normal. At the very least, you probably expect your insurance company to work on your behalf because you pay them.  However, insurance companies are just like every other business, and they want… read more

What Happens if Your Insurance Claim is Denied in Oklahoma City

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to an accident victim is to have their insurance claim denied. They have already been through enough dealing with property damage claims and recovering from injuries. The accident turned their life upside down, and now they want to receive the money they deserve and get back… read more

COVID 19 Business Interruption Insurance in Oklahoma City

Businesses throughout Oklahoma sustained financial losses because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies continue to struggle financially because of the effects of the virus business. As the coronavirus continues to change how we conduct business, companies may continue to experience losses. Some business owners filed insurance claims under their business interruption (BI) insurance policies. However,… read more