What are the Motorcycle Laws in Oklahoma?

As a motorcycle rider in Oklahoma, it is your duty to comply with state law whenever you ride. At McGuire Law Firm, our legal team is proud to fight for justice for motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers who have been involved in a crash. We want to make sure that you have the knowledge and resources… read more

If I Was a Passenger on a Motorcycle During an Accident, Can I Receive Compensation?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) cites data showing that more than 80 percent of motorcycle accidents lead to rider injuries. Motorcycle passengers are no less vulnerable than the motorcyclists themselves. You may be wondering: Can you still bring a personal injury claim if you were injured as a motorcycle passenger? The answer is “yes”—you… read more

The Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident in Tulsa

Motorcycle accidents can have significant setbacks both physically and mentally. If you have recently experienced a motorcycle accident in Tulsa, it is important to take specific steps to protect your well-being and legal rights. In this guide, we will outline a comprehensive set of actions to help you navigate the aftermath of a motorcycle accident… read more

Do You Have to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma does not currently have a universal motorcycle helmet law. In 1966, Congress made highway funding contingent on states passing a universal motorcycle helmet law. Oklahoma was among the first to pass a law requiring all motorcycle operators and passengers to wear a helmet. Since 1967, Oklahoma’s helmet law has changed several times. At various… read more

What is Lane Splitting? Is it Legal in Oklahoma?

If you’re riding a motorcycle, you might have heard the term “lane splitting.” You might have also wondered what that means and if it’s legal in Oklahoma. Lane splitting is when a motorcycle rider cuts down the middle of two lanes of traffic. It’s also called “lane filtering.” And it’s illegal in Oklahoma.  The law… read more

Is a Motorcycle Really Worth the Cost?

Riding a motorcycle can make you feel like you’ve achieved total freedom. Riding on the open road, leaving all your worries behind. But is a motorcycle really worth the cost? Unless it’s going to be your sole means of transportation, you’ll still have regular car expenses to maintain. Factoring in the risks of riding, consider… read more

7 Common Motorcycle Crashes and How to Avoid Them

Riding a motorcycle can be a very fulfilling experience. However, it can also put you in a vulnerable position on the road. In a car, your vehicle’s metal frame may offer a degree of protection in an accident. Not so with a motorcycle. Motorcyclists often sustain serious injuries when they’re involved in accidents. In fact,… read more

Facts About Road Rash in Oklahoma City

With its open stretches of freeway and year-round mild and warm weather, Oklahoma is a great state for owning a motorcycle. Estimates from 2018 suggest that close to 130,000 residents own a motorcycle in Oklahoma.  However, even though the state is motorcycle friendly, riding a motorcycle in Oklahoma or any other state for that matter… read more

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Was Injured in a Motorcycle Accident in Oklahoma City?

Motorcycles can be a great way to get around in Oklahoma. They’re an economical, environmentally friendly, and of course fun mode of transportation.  However, they can also be significantly more dangerous than cars and trucks. In fact, while only 20 percent of those involved in car accidents are injured or die as a result, an… read more

3 Troopers Critically Hurt in Motorcade Crash Near Oklahoma City

Sadly, three troopers were injured in a crash that occurred during a procession in Oklahoma City on July 2. The procession was for a Tulsa police officer killed in the line of duty. The body of Sgt. Craig Johnson was being taken to the medical examiner’s office. Sgt. Johnson had been shot during a traffic… read more