Oklahoma City Car Accident FAQs

Oklahoma City Car Accident FAQs

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Oklahoma City, OK, you probably have a lot of questions about your injuries and your rights. The Oklahoma City car accident lawyers at McGuire Law Firm have a combined 60 years worth of experience representing Oklahoma City car crash victims, so you’ve come to the right place.

We’re a small, family-run law firm that dedicates full attention to every case we take on. Every car crash is different, every injury is different. We understand that, so you’ll receive individualized treatment and a legal strategy that meets your needs.

Securing legal advice and representation is critical after you’ve been injured in a car accident. Give yourself the best possible chance of recovering every dollar to which you’re entitled by calling the experienced personal injury lawyers at McGuire Law Firm. 

We offer a free consultation with no risk to you, and we don’t get paid unless we recover compensation for you. So contact us today at (405) 513-5658.

How Will McGuire Law Firm Help Me if I’m Injured in a Car Accident in Oklahoma City, OK?

How Will McGuire Law Firm Help Me if I’m Injured in a Car Accident in Oklahoma City, OK?

We’ve worked hard to earn the respect of our peers, clients, and insurance companies. Insurance companies don’t want you to contact the McGuire Law Firm. We know their tactics—they want to get to you as soon as possible to offer you a fast settlement, often for far less than you deserve. 

When you have McGuire Law Firm representing you, you’re getting seasoned Oklahoma City car accident attorneys who have:

  • An AV Preeminent Rating by Martindale Hubbel
  • Been named as Oklahoma Super Lawyers
  • Earned a place on National Trial Lawyers' Top 100 Trial Lawyers list
  • Received the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys 2015 and 2016 Client Satisfaction Award.

Oklahoma is our home, so our clients are our neighbors. Because of this, we’re very invested in your well-being. Our focus is on complete client trust and satisfaction. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our past clients have to say about us.  

If you retain us to handle your Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, car crash case, we can thoroughly investigate your accident, identify everyone who was responsible for your injuries, retain expert witnesses, and sit down with you to develop a strong legal strategy. 

We can also negotiate with the insurance company to try to get you a fair settlement. We keep insurance companies honest, but they know if they don’t make you an equitable settlement offer, we won’t hesitate to take them to court, where a judge or jury will decide.

Call our Oklahoma City law offices without delay so we can evaluate your case. Let us work for you so you can focus on your recovery. 

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Oklahoma City, OK? 

Being involved in a car accident is a harrowing experience. But to the extent that you can, it’s very important that you think clearly because the next steps you take can have an impact on any compensation you may receive.

The following are some of the things you should do after a car accident in Oklahoma City:

  • Pull over to the nearest safe location if you’re able to, but stay at the scene
  • Call 911 so the police and other first responders can treat your injuries and, if necessary, take you to the closest emergency room
  • Cooperate with any law enforcement agent in preparing the accident report
  • Take pictures and video of the accident scene, as this can serve as crucial evidence in your case
  • Obtain medical treatment as soon as you can

Don’t admit fault to anyone. The insurance company may try to use this admission against you to either limit your claim or deny it altogether.

Once you’ve done these things, it’s important that you consult with an experienced Oklahoma City personal injury firm like McGuire Law Firm. You should do this as soon as possible, so you understand your rights and so important evidence can be preserved. 

What if I’m Partly At Fault for the Car Accident in Oklahoma?

Even though it has a small city feel, it may be surprising to know that a recent study ranked Oklahoma City in the top 10 dangerous cities in which to drive. In 2019 alone, Oklahoma City saw 12,476 crashes. 

Just like any major, congested city, accidents often happen in Oklahoma City, and they can happen quickly. As a result, sometimes it can be difficult to tell initially who was at fault.

Oklahoma law follows a “modified comparative negligence” rule. Under this system:

  • If you were 50% or less to blame for the accident, your compensation can be reduced by the percentage to which you were at fault
  • If you were 51% or more at fault, you’re barred from receiving any compensation for your injuries.

The degree to which you were at fault is critical to know. McGuire Law Firm has years of experience analyzing accident scenes, and we work with some of the top car crash reconstructionist experts. We will protect your rights if the insurance company tries to blame you for the accident.

Discuss Your Options With Our Oklahoma City, OK, Car Accident Lawyers 

You can control your own actions on the road, but you can’t always protect yourself against other unsafe drivers. If you or a family member has suffered injuries in an Oklahoma City car accident, McGuire Law Firm will give you honest answers, and we’ll stand up for you against aggressive insurance companies who try to short-change you.

Call our Oklahoma City car accident attorneys today for a free consultation. We’ll handle your claim so you can take care of yourself and your family.