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10 Facts to Know About Workers’ Compensation Facts in Oklahoma

You may receive benefits under Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation laws for a workplace injury. Even though filing a workers’ comp claim and receiving benefits should be straightforward, things can go wrong. When things go wrong in your workers’ comp claim, it can be helpful to talk to an attorney. It is also helpful to know some… read more

Jeep and Ram EcoDiesel Recall – Dangerous, Impacts Performance

In its settlement with EcoDiesel owners and lessees, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) promised to deliver a recall – known as the Approved Emissions Modification or AEM – intended to ensure 2014 to 2016 EcoDiesels complied with emissions standards without changing any of the vehicles’ performance, safety, or driving characteristics. Unfortunately, that is not the case…. read more

School Bus Accidents Are Tragic. We Can Help

Bus accidents are different than the average car crash because buses carry multiple passengers and wrecks can result in numerous injuries. These wrecks can happen from the negligence of the bus driver or a driver on the road who inadvertently crashes into the bus. Medical expenses from any injuries sustained from the crash, especially severe… read more