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Blunt Force Head Trauma—Cause and Effect

Blunt force head trauma is the primary cause of traumatic brain injuries. The term is used when a blunt force causes trauma, but not penetration, to the head. The two most common causes of blunt force head trauma are falls and motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians struck by vehicles. Work-related accidents also… read more

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Traffic accidents are a common part of daily life for individuals in cities and towns throughout the United States.  There were over 6.7 million traffic crashes in the United States in 2018. As a result, 36,560 people died. Another 2.7 million people were injured in traffic accidents in 2018. In Oklahoma in 2018, there were… read more

What Are Your Legal Options if You Hit a Bike With Your Car?

Hitting someone on a bicycle with your car is terrifying for a driver, and extremely dangerous for the cyclist. Reacting quickly, instead of panicking, can save someone’s life. What you do in the first few minutes after an accident involving a bicycle can have a profound impact on the outcome. Immediate Action if You Hit… read more

Attorneys Answer: When Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Deciding whether you need to hire a car accident lawyer can be challenging. Some accident claims can be settled without the assistance of a lawyer. How do you know if your case falls into that category? Take Advantage of a Free Consultation After any car accident, it is wise to talk with an experienced personal… read more

Are Hidden Nanny Cams Legal?

In Middleton, Ohio, a hidden nanny cam caught a babysitter screaming at a 10-month old baby, before sitting on top of him. The nanny was arrested and charged with misdemeanor child abuse. The parents installed the nanny cam because they felt something had changed in their child’s behavior.  A nanny in The Bronx, NY, can… read more

Oklahoma Man Charged with Murder in Deaths of 3 in Car Crash

Leroy Townsend has been charged with several criminal offenses regarding the DUI accident in February. Townsend, a 57-year-old resident of Tuttle, is charged with second-degree murder regarding the accident that took the lives of three teenagers. He is also charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of a fatal accident, and… read more

COVID 19 Business Interruption Insurance

Businesses throughout Oklahoma sustained financial losses because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies continue to struggle financially because of the effects of the virus business. As the coronavirus continues to change how we conduct business, companies may continue to experience losses. Some business owners filed insurance claims under their business interruption (BI) insurance policies. However,… read more

3 Troopers Critically Hurt in Motorcade Crash Near OKC

Sadly, three troopers were injured in a crash that occurred during a procession in Oklahoma City on July 2. The procession was for a Tulsa police officer killed in the line of duty. The body of Sgt. Craig Johnson was being taken to the medical examiner’s office. Sgt. Johnson had been shot during a traffic… read more

What Happens If I Don’t Show Up For Jury Duty?

Jury trials are an essential part of our judicial system. We have jury trials in both civil and criminal cases. While serving on a jury may take you away from your normal daily activities, it is a duty that should be treated seriously. Who Can Serve on a Jury in Oklahoma? You must be 18… read more

How Safe are Motor Scooters in Oklahoma City

Motor scooters typically do not exceed 25 miles per hour. Because they are a low-speed vehicle, many people assume that they are safer than a moped or motorcycle. Unfortunately, that assumption is not correct. Motor scooter riders face the same risks and dangers that motorcyclists and moped riders face when they ride their vehicles on… read more