All About Back and Neck Injuries from Rear-End Collisions

Any one of the 169 car crashes that happen every day across Oklahoma, including in Oklahoma City, according to the state’s Highway Safety Office’s recent statistics, could result in harm to you. While these statistics show about two-thirds of all traffic crashes result only in property damage, the other portion does result in injuries, some… read more

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Reports: What You Need to Know

A car accident can turn a typical day on its head, leaving you with potential injuries and property damage to deal with and a whole new set of worries.  Accident reports can play a big part in documenting what happened in a collision. They can be completed by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the local police… read more

How To Write a Settlement Demand Letter

Many personal injury cases in Oklahoma City settle through negotiations with the other party’s insurance company. Your personal injury lawyer begins the negotiations by preparing and sending a settlement demand letter to the company.  Drafting a compelling demand letter takes experience and skill. However, a correctly drafted settlement demand letter can increase the chance that… read more

An Overview of Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Oklahoma City

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. Even though they claim to be there for their customers, they aim to make money. Paying insurance claims cuts into the company’s profit margin. An insurance adjuster works to limit the company’s liability for the claim. They may use various tactics to deny or undervalue claims. However, there is a… read more

How Much Does a Semitruck Weigh?

If you’re a commercial truck driver in Oklahoma, it’s important to know the laws related to truck weights and sizing restrictions. Federal and Oklahoma transit authorities enforce strict weight requirements for semitrucks. These regulations are designed to ensure truckers, drivers, and pedestrians remain safe while on the road. If you drive a semitruck, following weight… read more

4 Types of Brain Injuries and 3 Levels of Severity

A traumatic brain injury, often called a TBI, is an injury that affects your brain after you receive a blow to the head or other trauma. However, the phrase “brain injury” is widely used to refer to a range of brain injuries, each of which can occur in various ways. You must identify the type… read more

What Is Considered a “Reasonable Person” When It Comes to Negligence in Oklahoma?

Before you can collect compensation for a negligence claim, you must be able to show what a reasonable person would have done under the circumstances and how the defendant’s actions varied from this standard. This is necessary to help establish negligence in Oklahoma.  If you were hurt in a slip and fall, car accident, motorcycle… read more

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident?

Many people wonder if they need an attorney after a minor car accident. Generally, it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer after a minor collision. At the very least, you should schedule a free initial consultation so that a lawyer can evaluate your case.  What Might Happen If You Don’t Hire a Lawyer? Failing… read more

Vehicle and Driver Requirements in Oklahoma for Uber and Lyft

Oklahoma, like every other state, regulates rideshare companies and their drivers. This movement began in 2013 when California became the first state to pass laws that regulated Uber, Lyft, and other ride-hailing businesses. Oklahoma’s rideshare regulations set a baseline for the vehicle and driver requirements used by Uber and Lyft. Sometimes the rideshare companies set… read more

When Does Delaying Your Insurance Claim Become Bad Faith In Oklahoma? 

When you are injured in an accident in Oklahoma, you might rely on your insurance company to help you get everything back to normal. At the very least, you probably expect your insurance company to work on your behalf because you pay them.  However, insurance companies are just like every other business, and they want… read more